Advanced Certificate in Health Services Supervisory Management Skills

Level 6 QQI Award


One Year


This course offers holders of a Level 5 health-related award the opportunity to undertake further study in this area. Learners will acquire the knowledge, skill and competence to undertake Supervisory Management roles in the community and in a range of health services settings. Successful completion will offer enhanced opportunities in employment and will also enable learners to progress to other appropriate programmes leading to awards at higher levels of the NFQ (National Framework of Qualifications).

Entry Requirements

One of the following:

  • Level 5 QQI Award - Nursing Studies or Community and Health Services
  • Other relevant Level 5 QQI Award
  • Degree Graduates
  • Applications are welcome from learners with relevant experience in this area
  • Healthcare staff who wish to update their skills in the area of management and leadership

Course Modules

  • Supervisory Management
  • Conflict Management
  • Health Promotion
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Disability Awareness
  • Gerontology
  • Information and Administration
  • Communications
  • Elder Abuse
Module Information

Module Information

Advanced Certificate in Health Services Supervisory Management Skills

Level 6 QQI Award: Health Services Supervisory Management Skills 6M4339

Course Content  (Modules Names and Codes)


Gerontology 6N3748

Undertaking this module allows the learner to explore and gain insight into the variety of issues associated with the ageing process and growing old in modern day society. Learn to examine your own views   on all aspects of ageing with exploration and reflection of personal and societal attitudes. This thought provoking module offers many opportunities for lively open discussions in the classroom environment.

Assessment: Learner Records x 5 (50%) Project (50%)


Information and Administration 5N1389

Gain the relevant expertise and skill to work in an administrative capacity in medical, legal or business organisations.  Recognise the features of a range of organisations including the functions and roles of their internal departments.  Learn how information is processed within organisations and the various systems and procedures used.  

Assessment:  Assignment (30%) Skills Demonstration (30%) Examination (40%)


Communications 6N1950

Builds on the knowledge and skills gained in level 5 Communications. The learner is facilitated to gain the knowledge and skills to exercise personal autonomy in communicating verbally and nonverbally.  There is an emphasis on understanding the requirements of the workplace and using excellent communication skills to maximise participation in personal and vocational life.

Assessment: Collection of Work (50%) Skills Demonstrations (50%).


Disability Awareness 6N1975

Learners undertaking this module will gain a wide variety of knowledge regarding a vast range of disabilities, challenges faced within society, therapeutic services available and interpersonal skills appropriate for delivering care.  This area is suitable for anyone interested in working with clients in both a professional or personal capacity. The learner will have the opportunity to reflect on their own experience within their assessment.

Assessments: Assignment (50%) Reflective Project (50%)


Personal and Professional Development 6N1949

This is not life coaching! However it is an opportunity to take stock and to evaluate your personal and professional goals. Through humorous workshops, lively group discussions and practical exercises we will shine a light on the following techniques: Stress Management, Conflict Management, Managing Change, Decision Making, Goal Setting, Delegation and Team Working.

Assessment: Collection of Work (research and practical exercises) Skills Demonstration (workshop participation)


Health Promotion 6N2214

This topical module covers all aspects of health. Learn the knowledge and skills to empower and motivate all ages and groups in our community to change their lifestyle choices. These choices will improve the health and wellbeing of individuals, families and benefit our entire society. This module is very interactive as you will be presenting health promotion events in the college and in the community.

Assessment: Learner Records (50%) Project (50%)


Conflict Management 6N2775

Gain an understanding of the different conflict management styles and evaluate their own style. Learn and demonstrate through role play, competencies that relate to core conflict management skills. These include mediation, negotiation, listening, assertive and problem solving skills.  

Assessment: Learner Record (20%), Assignments (30%), Project (50%)


Supervisory Management 6N4329

This programme module will provide the learner with the relevant knowledge, skill and competence to work independently in a supervisory management capacity in a variety of sectors. The learner will examine aspects of operational management and recruitment, training supervision.

Assessment: Four Collections of Work (4 x 10%) Project (60%)


  • Level 6 QQI Award - Health Services Supervisory Management Skills (6M4978)
  • First Aid - Order of Malta (Optional)
  • Patient Moving and Handling - Irish Ambulance Institute (Optional)

Additional Information

On completion, successful participants will acquire the theoretical knowledge enabling them to understand the role and responsibillities of a supervisor, acquire a range of supervisory and management skills, develop good interpersonal and communication skills as well as develop good work practices appropriate to their role as a supervisor.

Progression Opportunities

Graduates are eligible to apply through the CAO and/or the Higher Education Links Scheme to a range of higher certificate and degree programmes, at both Universities and Institutes of Technology.

Progression Examples

BA in Social Care Practice (AL860) 

Athlone Institute of Technology

BA in Early Childhood Care and Education (BN030)

Institute of Technology Blanchardstown

BA in Social Care Practice (TA025)

Institute of Technology Tallaght

BA in Applied Social Studies (CW758) -

Institute of Technology Carlow

Bachelor of Social Science (CK102)

BA in Law and Business (CK307)

University College Cork


The following techniques will be used to assess the knowledge and skills that students will have achieved on successful completion of modules:

  • Student Record
  • Collection of Work
  • Skills Demonstration
  • Assignment
  • Examination (written)
  • Project

Career Paths

Graduate employment exists in supervisory roles, working in the residential and non-residential health and social care settings, such as: resource centres, nursing homes, homeless services, care centres, crèches and family support.

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Wioletta Radumska

2018 Graduate, Currently studying BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care in DIT

I was working as a care assistant before coming to DFEi. I chose this course because I thought it would help me progress in my work. However I really enjoyed…

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Wioletta Radumska

2018 Graduate, Currently studying BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care in DIT

I was working as a care assistant before coming to DFEi. I chose this course because I thought it would help me progress in my work. However I really enjoyed studying again and I decided to go further with my studies.  In DFEi I especially enjoyed the Health Promotion and Supervisory Management module. I would definitely say my year in DFEi was worthwhile.

Department Head

Janet Kelly Dunne

Janet Kelly Dunne

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