Digital Radio Production with Podcasting

Level 5 QQI Award


One Year


This course is for anyone interested in learning about digital audio production, whether it be for traditional radio broadcasting or online and podcasting. Students will gain practical experience working with the latest production resources - including a purposebuilt digital radio studio and production suite where students will develop a range of skills from recording and presentation, to post-production editing. Working with a team of experienced media professionals, students will have the opportunity to produce a collection of work suited to their career aspirations, such as in radio news and current affairs production or music programme presentation.

Entry Requirements

One of the following:

  • Leaving Certificate Established/ LCVP
  • Leaving Certificate Applied
  • Relevant Level 4 QQI Award
  • Mature applicants are welcome

Course Modules

  • Radio Programme Production
  • Documentary Production
  • Sound Engineering and Production
  • Media Analysis
  • Event Production
  • Legal Practice and Procedures
  • Political Studies
  • Communications
  • Work Experience
  • Modules above are subject to change
Module Information

Module Information

Digital Radio Production

Level 5 QQI Award Radio Production (5M4511)

Course Content (Module Names and Codes)


Radio Programme Production (5N1379)

This module gives you the background knowledge and skills to make radio programmes for a range of contemporary audiences. Working in a digital environment, you will learn studio and location recording and audio editing techniques which will give you a spread of experiences in the areas of production and presentation.

Assessments: Assignment (30%); Portfolio/Collection of Work (50%); Examination (20%)


Voice Production for Broadcasting (5N0638)

Your voice is your best tool when it comes to broadcasting in radio and on other digital audio platforms. Through a series of tasks which focus on breathing and presentation techniques, this module helps you develop your vocal style to its maximum potential.

Assessments: Two Projects (80%); Assignment (20%)


Media Analysis (5N1298)

If you have ever wondered why some stories dominate the headlines and other go under the radar, Media Analysis will help you to understand what makes a story newsworthy. This module considers who owns and controls the media, who frames the message. Are audiences easily manipulated, or can they identify media bias? You will also learn about current media legislation, and reflect on the legal, ethical and moral responsibilities of media practitioners.

Assessments: Project (60%); Examination (40%).


Sound Engineering and Production (5N1900)

This module gives you the knowledge, skill and competence to work independently and under supervision in a typical recording studio environment. Learn how to work effectively in a live sound or location recording scenario.

Assessments: Skills Demonstration (60%); Examination (40%)


Political Studies (5N1837)

This is foundation course takes you on a journey from the origins of politics to the contemporary world. Along the way, you will focus on the history and development of politics in Ireland, both at a local and national level, and then further afield to examine the structures and functions of the European Union and global organisations, such as the United Nations.

Assessments: Two Assignments (60%); Examination (40%)


Legal Practice and Procedures (5N1394) 

As a broadcaster or journalist, you must be aware of how the law applies to your day to day work. Learn about the operation of the Irish court system, from the District to the Supreme courts. Find out about defamation and contempt of court - two laws essential for anyone working in today’s media. Learn about areas of law such as privacy which restrict what the media can tell its audience. Classes will comprise lectures, discussion, audio visual experiences and group work.

Assessments: Two Assignments (60%); Examination (40%).


Event Production (5N1374)

You will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to plan and stage an event covering areas such as understanding a client brief, roles of responsibility, scheduling, risk assessment, budgeting, logistics, promotions and communicating effectively as part of a team. Having completed this module the learner will be able to project manage events of different scales and types including live music concerts.

Assessments: Project (40%), Skills Demonstration (30%), Learner Record (30%)


Communications (5N0690)

Gain the relevant knowledge, skill and competence to communicate verbally and nonverbally in standard everyday tasks and in work-related situations, operating independently and under general direction.

Assessments: Collection of Work (50%), Skills Demonstration (50%)


Work Experience (5N1356)

Prepare for a work placement under supervision. This comprises of a skills audit, achievement audit, rights and responsibilities, vocational area study, an evaluation of work placement and future career roles. A Work Placement of 60 working hours must be arranged.

Assessments: Collection of Work (60%), Skills Demonstration (40%)


  • Level 5 QQI Award Radio Production (5M4511)

Special Features

The course is delivered using state of the art radio and sound production facilities. The radio recording suite with separate digitizing facilites which allow the broadcast of programmes either through FM or 24 hours podcasting. The sound production facilities consist of 3 sound production rooms equipped with industrial standard recording equipment. The sound production facilities are also supported by a separate digitizing suite using industry standard iMacs.

Additional Information


The following techniques will be used to assess the knowledge and skills that students will have achieved on successful completion of modules:

• Student Record

• Collection of Work

• Skills Demonstration

• Assignment

• Examinations (written)

• Project


Progression Opportunities

DFEi: Graduates may progress to the Level 6 QQI Advanced Certificate in Journalism for the Digital Age at DFEi.
Elsewhere: Graduates are eligible to apply through the CAO and/or the Higher Education Links Scheme to a range of higher certificate and degree programmes, at both Universities and Institutes of Technology.

Progression Examples

BA Arts (DN520)

BA Humanities (DN530)

University College Dublin

BA in Creative Digital Media (TA022)

Institute of Technology Tallaght

Bachelor of Arts (MH101)

BA in Media Studies (MH109)

National University of Ireland Maynooth

BA in Journalism (DT582)

BA in Film and Broadcasting (DT504)

Dublin Institute of Technology

BA in Communications (DC131)

BA in Law and Politics (DC258)

Dublin City University

Career Paths

This course provides students with entry-level skills in radio production techniques and is suited to those seeking employment in the commercial and community radio sectors or for progression to media and communications courses in higher education. The course is also suitable for graduates looking to gain practical radio studio and audio production experience.

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Ben Corbett

2017 graduate. Now working in London as a Digital Audio Producer
Click to hear Ben's Story. 
DFEi was probably one of the best educational experiences I have ever had. I had gone to university before and it was very large and daunting,…

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Ben Corbett

2017 graduate. Now working in London as a Digital Audio Producer
Click to hear Ben's Story. 
DFEi was probably one of the best educational experiences I have ever had. I had gone to university before and it was very large and daunting, whereas DFEi is very personable. The radio teachers are all working in media so it helped me to make good connections in the industry. I also made lifelong friends with the people on my course. For two weeks in February we ran a daily radio station from within the college, The WAVE. This was a fantastic experience that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. It was intense but so worth it.

Since May 2018 I have been working in London as a Junior Digital Audio Producer for a company called A Million Ads.  Our ads are served on Spotify, Pandora and mainly digital radio like the Capital App.  My job entails a whole manner of things from scripting copy, recording and processing audio to consulting on scripts written by creative agencies or in house production like Global. I'm also heavily involved in music edits and production done on any ads made in house. 

I see myself moving back into radio at some point but right now digital audio is booming and personalised creative is the future. There is no doubt that the skills I learned in DFEi helped me to get where I am now. 

Course Coordinator

Adrian Smyth

Adrian Smyth

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