News & Events

News & Events

30th Mar 22
07th Mar 22

Fill a Bag for Ukraine

Truck Departing for Moldovan/Ukraine border this weekend. Consider filling your DFEi string bag with useful items. Items will go direct to those fleeing Ukraine.

09th Feb 22

Live Music Events 2022

Wonderful to hear rocking music in our college canteen today. Thanks to all our performers. Andrew and Oran, Fulvetta and PT ft David. Thanks to DFEi sound engineering students and teachers for bringing it all together. Looking forward to lots more of this.

18th Jan 22

DFEi’s First Health and Wellness Week

Join us online from Tuesday 25th to Thursday 27th for interesting talks, motivational speakers sharing their knowledge on how we can stay strong mentally and stay resilient.

02nd Jan 22
14th Dec 21

Alive n Kicking

Alive n kicking music event showcasing DFEi musical talent takes place this Christmas week. With the new stage set up and lighting, the canteen ambiance was up beat. If only we could dance!

08th Dec 21
01st Dec 21
28th Nov 21
12th Oct 21

DFEi graduate of Computer Science is awarded Google scholarship

Congratulations to Rachel Ring who has been awarded a Google scholarship for women in computer science. Rachel will join a community of over 2,600 Google scholarship recipients from around the world who have demonstrated a passion for technology, academic excellence, and have proven themselves as role models. We can’t wait to see how these students continue to shape the future of computer science and technology.

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