Nursing Studies

Level 5 QQI Award Nursing Studies 5M4349


This is a full-time one year course, which runs from Sept. to May. Exact details of the timetable will be given out to students during the induction process prior to class commencement in September.


This course is designed to enhance students awareness and understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the professional nurse. It is also ideal for those who wish to pursue a career in the nursing profession or to progress to other related areas in higher education either in Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales or abroad. Students will study core areas of nursing and are enabled to put theory into practice; using DFEi’s fully upgraded nursing suites and through participation in work experience. This course is delivered by teachers including specialist nurses who bring a real depth of experience to their teaching.  There are two fully equipped Nursing suites for all of the practical work.The success rates from this course are very high for progression to higher education in both Ireland and the UK.

Entry Requirements

One of the following:

  • Leaving Certificate (LC Established, LCVP, LCA) or equivalent
  • A Full QQI Level 4 Award (or equivalent)
  • For Mature applicants (aged 21 or over) - appropriate experience will be considered in lieu of formal qualifications. Note: Mature applicants may be entitled to VTOS funding. For details about VTOS, please contact the college.
  • Applicants whose first language is not English require level B1 competency on the CEFR language framework. Applicants may be required to undergo English language testing to establish their language competency.

Course Modules

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Biology
  • Care Provision and Practice
  • Human Growth and Development
  • Nursing Theory and Practice
  • Communications
  • Word Processing
  • Work Experience
  • Mathematics (Optional for those learners needing Maths for progression)
  • Specialist Module Options ( Must Choose One - Caring for Children in Hospital or Maternity Care Support or Understanding Mental Health)
Module Information

Module Information

Nursing Studies

Level 5 QQI Award: Nursing Studies 5M4349

Course Content (Module Names and Codes)

Anatomy and Physiology 5N0749

This module introduces the learner to the individual systems of the body. It examines the structures (anatomy) within each system and how they function (physiology). Learners gain an understanding of the interrelationship between the body systems and the associated vocabulary.

Assessment: Assignment (40%), Examination - Theory (60%).


Nursing Theory and Practice 5N4325

This module covers the relevant topics for any individual wishing to progress to a career in Nursing. The learner will gain knowledge in the development of nursing as a profession, medical terminology, models of nursing, measuring vital signs and interpersonal skills appropriate for assessing and assisting the patient. Topics consist of both theory and practical skills.

Assessment: Skills Demonstration (50%), Examination - Theory (50%).


Human Growth and Development 5N1279

Gain the knowledge and understanding of how humans develop physically, intellectually and psychologically over the entire life span. This module covers the stages of childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Material includes a variety of theorists and theories that have led the way in psychology today. This is an interesting and thought provoking module that offers an opportunity for many open discussions within the classroom environment.

Assessment:  Assignment (60%), Examination - Theory (40%).


Biology 5N2746

The student will be facilitated to explore and develop an understanding of living things. Various aspects of the living world such as, micro-organisms, genetics and ecology will be investigated and assessed through experiments and skills demonstrations.

Assessment: Learner Record (25%), Skills Demonstration (25%), Examination - Theory (50%).


Care Provision & Practice 5N2705

Learn and understand the concepts of a holistic approach to people in need of care in a community setting. Apply your knowledge in a learning environment that enables the learner to develop competence and confidence in applying relevant care skills safely and responding effectively to specific situations for people of all ages.

Assessment: Assignment (60%), Skills Demonstration (40%).


Work Experience 5N1356

You will prepare for work placement in a relevant vocational area through an evaluation of your skills set, the development of a CV, and an understanding of current work place legislation. An integral part of this component is developing the skills required for a successful job search; therefore is it your responsibility to secure your own placement. On completion of your Work Placement of at least 10 days (or 60 hours) you will reflect, review and consider your future career options.

Assessment: Portfolio/Collection of Work (60%), Skills Demonstration (Work Placement 40%).


Maternity Care Support 5N3746

This module covers the care of women and families from before conception, during pregnancy, labour and delivery and up to six weeks after the birth. Gain the knowledge and learn the skills to care and support mothers and babies through this very special time. This module is an excellent introduction to the role of the midwife and how maternity care can enhance the health and wellbeing of families and the community.

Assessment: Assignments (40%), Skills Demonstration (60%).


Caring for Children in Hospital 5N3737

Children in hospital have much more than medical needs. Learn how play is integral to the care, recovery and development of children in hospital.  Working with children in hospital involves understanding the importance of role of parents/caregivers in children’s lives and how issues such as poverty can have adverse effects on children and families. This module is excellent for those who may wish to pursue a career in the area of Health and/or Nursing of children.

Assessment:   Assignment (20%), Skills Demonstration (80%)    


Understanding Mental Health 5N3772

You will learn how to work effectively in a mental healthcare setting. You will complete a practical activity demonstrating your ability to work with or care for a person with a mental illness, a written assignment that shows your understanding of a mental health related topic and an exam based on the content of the module.

Assessment:  Assignment (20%), Skills Demonstration (20%), Examination - Theory (60%).


Communications 5N0690

Gain the relevant knowledge, skill and competence to communicate verbally and nonverbally in standard everyday tasks and in work-related situations, operating independently and under general direction.

Assessment: Portfolio/Collection of Work (50%), Skills Demonstration (50%).


Word Processing 5N1358

 Use a word processing application to learn or improve your skills while laying out a range of business/college/home documents. It includes Document set-up, Formatting text, Proof reading, Mail merge, Tables, File management, Graphics and presentation skills.

Assessment:  Assignment (20%), Examination - Practical (80%)


Mathematics 5N1833

Acquire mathematical skills in problem solving and mathematical investigations in the following areas: mathematical modelling, statistics and probability, graphing functions, differential and integral calculus, complex numbers and trigonometry.

Assessment: Assignment (20%) Examination - Practical (80%)


  • Level 5 QQI Award - Nursing Studies (5M4349)
  • First Aid Certificate
  • Manual and People Handling Certificate
  • Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults - HSeLanD

Special Features

Jobs Fair

Due to the large demand for graduates of this course, DFEi hosts an annual jobs fair to help students secure employment.

This course is supported by FIT, which offers students the opportunity to acquire essential skills to gain employment. Students are given training in job interview techniques and CV preparation.


All DFEi students are provided with an M365 account, which gives them access to the tools and resources needed to deliver assessment work while attending their course. M365 Apps include Word, PowerPoint, Excel, outlook and OneDrive.

Work Experience

Students will be required to undertake a period work placement in an organisation connected to their vocational area during the academic year.  Work Experience is mandatory for all of our full-time Level 5 courses. Students are required to source their own work placement but will be assisted in this by the work experience teacher.  

DFEi have secured links to St Vincent's University Hospital which means all Nursing Students in DFEi will have access to work placements subject to certain criteria in this excellent teaching university hospital. Here you will flourish and gain clinical and practical skills under the supervision of a staff nurse and multidisciplinary team. 

The work placement is usually for a period of 10 days or a minimum of 60 hours.  Students usually find the work experience element of the course to be invaluable and should bear in mind that a successful work placement can sometimes lead to further opportunities. 

This programme requires students to undertake work experience that will bring them into contact with children or vulnerable adults and in which they assume positions of trust. As a result all students will undertake Garda Vetting prior to commencing their work experience. 

Applicants should be aware that healthcare environments used in work experience may insist that students are fully vaccinated for Covid 19.

Additional Information

Students wishing to apply for nursing in Ireland must satisfy the minimum requirements of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI)

DFEi offers Mathematics for students who do not have the relevant grade (Leaving Certificate) for progression to the UK


Assessment techniques will be used to assess the knowledge and skills that students will have achieved on successful completion of modules:

  • Student Record
  • Collection of Work
  • Assignments
  • Examination (Written)
  • Project
  • Skills Demonstration

All assignments are submitted electronically.  Therefore all students need access to a device such as a computer/laptop.

A full major award is granted on passing the relevant eight components.  On successful completion of each component, you will be awarded a pass, a merit or a distinction grade. See for more details

Progression Opportunities

UK Universities (UCAS Applications): DFEi has established a number of links with oversees progression opportunities to Nursing Degree Programmes in the UK, in particular those offered by Sterling University and Dundee University in Scotland and Southampton University and Buckinghamshire New University in England.  DFEi supports students with the UCAS application.

Ireland: Graduates are eligible to apply through the CAO and/or the Higher Education Links Scheme for entry to year one of a range of higher certificate and degree programmes, at Universities, Institutes of Technology and Technological Universities using their full QQI Level 5 major award. Places are not guaranteed in these Institutes and are subject to students meeting certain criteria.  It is the students' responsibility to consult with the relevant HEI for information on the admissions process and any specific entry requirements. Students may also refer to the individual HEI prospectus or may also refer to the QQI FET section of the CAO website.

Examples of CAO progression opportunities are listed below.

Progression Examples

BSc General Nursing (DC215)

BSc Psychiatric Nursing (DC216)

BSc Intellectual Disability Nursing (DC217)

BSc Children's and General (Integrated) (DC218)

BSc Health and Society (DC209)

Dublin City University-

BSc Social Care (TU996)

BA Early Childhood Education (TU995)

BA Community Development and Youth Work (TU992)

Higher Certificate Pharmacy Technician Studies (TU654)

Technological University Dublin (City) -

BSc Applied Psychology (DL825)

IADT, Dún Laoghaire -

BSc General Nursing (DN450)

BSc Mental Health Nursing (DN453)

BSc Midwifery (DN452)

BSc Children's and General (Integrated) (DN451)

BSc Psychology (DN720)

BSc Social Science (DN700)

University College Dublin -

BSc General Nursing (TR091, TR093)

BSc Midwifery (TR913)

BSc Mental Health Nursing (TR095)

BSc Intellectual Disability Nursing (TR097)

Trinity College Dublin -

BSc General Nursing (CK710)

BSc Mental Health Nursing (CK720)

BSc Intellectual Disability Nursing (CK730)

BSc Midwifery (CK740)

BSc Public Health Sciences (CK706)

BSc Children's and General Nursing (Integrated) (CK712)

BSocSc Social Science (CK102)

University College Cork -

BSocSc Social Science (MH107)

BA Arts (MH101)

BA Psychology (MH106)

Bachelor of Social Science (MH107)

Maynooth University -

Career Paths

Employers actively seek DFEi graduates for recruitment in public and private homecare sectors, nursing homes, hospitals, intellectual disability environments, agencies and community care.

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Andrea Breen

Class of 2023
Now studying General Nursing in Trinity College

I always had a passion for caring for people. When I finished my leaving cert, I was not sure what I wanted to do so I figured a PLC would be a good option. I realise now it was…

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Andrea Breen

Class of 2023
Now studying General Nursing in Trinity College

I always had a passion for caring for people. When I finished my leaving cert, I was not sure what I wanted to do so I figured a PLC would be a good option. I realise now it was the best option for me. I loved that we had the opportunity to go to Vincent’s Hospital for work placement and this really helped me make my mind up. In the college there is a really nice atmosphere. The teachers are lovely.

Department Head

Janet Kelly

Janet Kelly

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