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News & Events

12th Jun 20
29th May 20
04th May 20
25th Mar 20
10th Mar 20

Architectural Design Students Visit Arup Group

Our design students enjoyed an informative and hands-on visit to Arup Engineering Group today. They heard first hand from DFEi graduates now working there about the opportunities available in construction, design and engineering.

02nd Mar 20
25th Feb 20

Battle Of The Bands - Heat 1 and 2

Our Battle of The Bands performers, Jess, Promise, Dazed, Bannabruh, 17c and Life Sentence thoroughly entertained DFEi students and staff this week. What fantastic talent. Looking forward to seeing Dazed and Life Sentence in the final next Monday.

19th Feb 20

Battle Of The Bands 2020 It is going to be a great week of music in DFEi. DFEi Sound Engineers are making preparations for the six youth bands that will be performing as part of the Battle Of The Bands. Come on down and enjoy a lively lunch time gig. 1pm - 2pm Monday and Tuesday 24th and 25th February

09th Feb 20
29th Jan 20

Animal Healthcare Students Visit The National Stud in Kildare

The level 6 Animal Health Care students enjoyed a trip to the Irish National Stud in Kildare where they got a guided tour of the stud and learned about the ideal horse conformation and breeding programme at the stud. We met some of they’re top class Stalllions and got to see they’re foaling unit and judge a mare in foal on conformation.

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