Business Studies (with Law): Pre-University Course

Level 5 QQI Award


One Year


This course is designed to give learners an in-depth knowledge of concepts relevant to the business world with an emphasis on Accounting, Economics, Marketing and Law. By combining IT components with these business concepts, learners will gain the knowledge, skill and competence to meet the increasing demand from employers for qualified graduates who are proficient in a wide range of business skills. This Pre-University course is an excellent foundation for those who wish to pursue business degree programmes in UCD, Maynooth, DCU and other Universities. A two week work placement in the second term provides learners with the opportunity to gain experience in a business or legal workplace.

Entry Requirements

One of the following:

  • One of the following:
  • Leaving Certificate Established/ LCVP
  • Leaving Certificate Applied
  • Relevant Level 4 QQI Award
  • Mature applicants are welcome

Course Modules

  • Accounting Manual and Computerised
  • Applied Economics
  • Business Law
  • Legal Practice and Procedures
  • Marketing Practice
  • Spreadsheet Methods
  • Word Processing
  • Work Experience
  • Communications
  • Mathematics (Optional)
Module Information

Module Information

Business Studies (with Law): Pre University Course

Level 5 QQI Award: Business Studies 5M2102

Course Content (Module Names and Codes)


Applied Economics 5N1350

Explore a range of global economic systems and their influence on government intervention and economic freedom.  Examine the key factors determining supply and demand and their impact on market price and production.

Assessment: Two Assignments (60%)  Examination (40%)


Accounting Manual and Computerised 5N1348

Accounting is important for all organisations. This module will introduce students to prepare financial statements for a range of organisations both manually and using integrated accounting software. Explore a range of accounting procedures to include calculating ratios and completing budgets and forecasts.

Assessment: Two Assignments (60%)  Examination (40%)


Business Law 5N2091

Learn and understand the sources of law and acquire the knowledge of Contract Law, Consumer Law, Company Law, Commercial Law and Employment Law. Gain an understanding of current legislation relating to commercial law to include Sale of Goods and Supply of Services, hire purchases and leases.

Assessment: Two Assignments (60%)  Examination (40%)


Communications 5N0690

By means of practical and theoretical tasks you will acquire/improve on skills to communicate verbally and in writing. This will enhance your ability to convey, exchange and present information and ideas in a personal and business context.

Assessment: Collection of Work, Skills Demonstrations


Legal Practice and Procedures 5N1394

Learners gain knowledge on the sources and administration of law including the courts.  Areas of study include the Constitution, Tort, EU law and its impact on Irish Law.  Learners explore the impact of the law on their personal and vocational lives. Learners acquire an understanding of the legal terminology.  

Assessment:  Two Assignments ( 60%)  Examination (40%)


Marketing Practice 5N1400

Marketing is important in all organisations, whether commercial or nor-for profit. This module is designed to introduce students to marketing and the concepts underpinning marketing practice. students will acquire the knowledge and skills to perform effectively in a range of marketing related contexts.

Assessment:  Two Assignments (60%)  Examination: (40%)


Mathematics 5N1833

You might need maths to gain a place in a third level college, or you might just want to brush up on the numeracy skills that are going to give you the advantage in any business or marketing environment. As part of your maths classes you will learn about all branches of maths, and will focus on applying maths to real life, through studying topics like statistics and probability. Course content is similar to Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level. At QQI Level 5, however, we can move at a slower pace and you will get personal attention.  

Assessment:  Two Assignments,  Examination.  


Spreadsheets Methods 5N1977

Knowledge of the Excel spreadsheet application will be invaluable to you if you work with numbers regularly. It will help you to do calculations, to analyse data and to present data in a way that is visual and easy to understand by means of charts. You will be required to design and create a spreadsheet for a specific fictitious situation.

Assessment: Project (50%)   Examination (50%) 


Work Experience 5N1356

Prepare for a work placement under supervision for a limited time. This comprises of a skills audit, achievement audit, rights and responsibilities, vocational area study, an evaluation of work placement and future career options. A Work Placement of 10 working days or 60 hours must be arranged.

Assessment:  Collection of Work,  Skills Demonstration


Word Processing 5N1358

Use a word processing application to learn or improve your skills while laying out a range of business/college/home documents. It includes document set-up, formatting text, proof reading, mail merge, tables, file management, graphics and presentation skills.

Assessment:  Assignment,  Two Examinations.


  • Level 5 QQI Award Business Studies (5M2102)

Special Features

  • Two weeks work placement
  • Court visits
  • Site visits
  • Professional guest lectures

Progression Opportunities

DFEi: Graduates may progress to the Level 6 QQI Advanced Certificate in Administration at DFEi.
Elsewhere: Graduates are eligible to apply through the CAO and/or the Higher Education Links Scheme to a wide range of business related higher certificate and degree programmes, at both Universities and Institutes of Technology.  Examples are shown below.  However a full list of programmes to choose from will be given to all students at induction in September.

Progression Examples

Bachelor of Commerce (DN650)

BA Arts (DN520)

BA Humanities (DN530)

Bachelor of Civil Law (DN600)

University College Dublin

BA in Accounting and Finance (DC115)

BSc in Marketing, Innovation and Technology (DC240)

BA in Economics and Law (DC230)

Dublin City University

BSc in Marketing (DT341)

BSc in Business and Management (DT365)

BSc in Business and Law (DT321)

BSc in Retail and Services Management (DT343)

BSc in Human Resource Management (DT398)

Dublin Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Business Studies (DL823)

Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art Design and Technology

Bachelor of Arts (MH101)

BBS in Business and Accounting (MH407)

BBS in Management (MH404)

National University of Ireland Maynooth

Bachelor of Arts (CK101)

Bachelor of Commerce (CK201)

Bachelor of Law (CK301)

University College Cork

Career Paths

Graduates of this course may pursue careers in a wide range of areas including: legal, finance, accountancy, marketing, general administration, human resources, retail and information technology.

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James Christian

2018 Graduate. Currently studying for a BA in Economics, Politics and Law in DCU.

I finished my Leaving Cert in 2016, started a course but it wasn’t for me so I dropped out. At that time I was looking at different courses and the degree…

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James Christian

2018 Graduate. Currently studying for a BA in Economics, Politics and Law in DCU.

I finished my Leaving Cert in 2016, started a course but it wasn’t for me so I dropped out. At that time I was looking at different courses and the degree course in DCU in Politics, Economics and Law really appealed to me. I didn’t want to repeat my Leaving Cert so  I did my research and discovered the links from the DFEi, Business and Law course to DCU. It turned out to be a much better choice than repeating as I got improve my IT skills and I got to study relevant subjects like Law. I am delighted I received my first CAO choice in DCU and I feel I have a head start having studied some of the topics already in DFEi

Course Coordinator

Gemma Cox

Gemma Cox

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