Battle of the Bands

Submit Your Entry Here before January 31st 2020



Q. When is the closing date for submitting entries? 

A. All entries must be received by January 31st 2020

Q. When are the final heats?

A. The best 8 bands will go into two separate heats. 4 of the bands will perform on February 24th, the other 4 will perform on February 25th. The winning bands from each of these heats will compete in the final. The final will be held on March 2nd.

Q. Where will the heats and final take place?

A. In the college canteen in DFEi. There is a stage set up and a mixing desk in place with all the necessary sound equipment,

Q. What time are the performances at?

A. The performances will start at 1pm and finish up about 2.30pm. On the day of the performance bands will have to be there by 11am to do a sound check.

Q. Can solo performers enter the competion?

A. Yes

Q. Is there a cost to enter?

A. No there is no cost. 

Q. How many songs will each band/performer sing?

A. Two

Q. How are the competing bands judged?

A. The bands will be marked on five categories: 10 marks for each category. They are  level of preparation, originality, interaction with audience, quality of performance and presentation.

Q. What do the winners get?

A. The winning band will receive a professional recording session in DFEi's state of the art recording studio. They will also get a free photoshoot from a professional photographer. 

Q. Does the band have to bring their own instruments? 

A. Yes! Don’t forget breakables (spare strings, drumsticks etc). We will provide backline (amps, drum kit without breakables).    

Q. Can the band advertise the event/ promote the event on social media, to friends etc. ? 

A. Yes! Tell all your friends.

Q. Does the band have to have a music video for their demo? 

A. Yes! – but don’t worry too much about audio/video quality. Just make sure your talent shines through!

Q. Does the demo have to be recorded to a certain standard to qualify for auditioning?

A. NO! See above – it’s all about making sure we can get an idea of your capability.

Q. Can students from different schools make up a band?

A. Yes. Just state that on your entry form. 

Q. Can I bring my friends and family?

A. Yes they are welcome to come along. As it will be during school hours please make sure all non performing students have permission from their TY coodinator. 

Q. Does a teacher have to come with us?

A. As with any activity during school hours it is preferable that a teacher from your school attends also. Teachers in DFEi will be present. 

Q. Who is the contact person in DFEi if I have more questions?

A. Audrey Trainor   or   Marie Lonergan

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