Student Council Trip To Glendalough

Student Council Trip To Glendalough

Oct 2017

Student council reps from 17 different class groups joined together for a teambuilding night away to the Glendalough hostel.

At midday we set off on our hike up  over the old Miners village then descending  down the valley by the Poulanass waterfall. We were all pretty chuffed with ourselves for having completed this 14km hike at a fairly steady pace.  

After a bit of chill out time we were treated to a drum circle by Sinead who arrived with djembe drums and a whole selection of bells, shakers and other usual West African instruments. We started off as disorganised noise and  ended up creating a unique beat that took us to a new level. For our evening meal the teachers kindly prepared an old reliable scouting dish, spaghetti bolognese with a twist of roasted vegetables on the side. This set up us for the evening in the local hotel bar. A few rounds of pool, some dancing by the jukebox and a most amazing repertoire of piano pieces played by Zac. Thanks to Mark Geraghty for organising the trip, Susan Burke and Marie Lonergan for helping out and to DFEi for sponsoring the trip. Thanks to all the students for persevering with the hike,  helping with clean up and cooking and for your positivity.

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