Dfei Graduate Progression To 3rd Level 2019

Dfei Graduate Progression To 3rd Level 2019

May 2020

2019 Statistics on 3rd level progression. Over 90% of DFEi CAO applicants were offered 3rd level places last year.

DFEi graduates typically follow one of three routes. That is full time employment, apprenticeship or 3rd level progression. Of those that applied through CAO, UCD, TU Dublin City and IADT were the most popular destinations for DFEi graduates. Out of 255 places offered, 52 were for UCD, 46 TU Dublin City and 35 IADT, Dun Laoghaire. Solas conducted a recent survey which showed that students who do PLC courses prior to 3rd level are more likely to complete their degree. 75% compared with 50% (this is for degrees where there is a requirement of 300points or thereabouts). See Irish Times. 

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