Dfei Pre Nursing Graduate 2015 Receives Her Nursing Pin From Manchester Uni

Dfei Pre Nursing Graduate 2015 Receives Her Nursing Pin From Manchester Uni

Aug 2020

Congratulations to Arwin Condon who yesterday became a fully qualified staff nurse. Arwin started her journey in DFEi back in 2014. She will be working in the pulmonary oncology unit in North Manchester General hospital.

"I attended DEFI as a nursing studies student from 2014-2015. After leaving with a distinction from DFEI I worked as a HCA for two and a half years in a nursing home. While happy here I always knew that being a nurse was my dream profession so after working every shift possible and saving as much as I could, in September 2017 I made the leap and moved to Manchester after being accepted into Adult Nursing in Manchester Metropolitan University. Three very long years later, 2300 placement hours and countless assignments and practicals, as of yesterday (August 2020) my name has been put forward to the Nursing Midwifery Council and I should be receiving my pin in a weeks time. I have secured my dream job on a pulmonary oncology unit in Manchester and my official start date is the 2nd of September 2020. Finally trying on my blue uniform I nearly cried. 

I still look back at my time in DFEi and see it as the start of my journey to eventually becoming a nurse. The supportive learning environment and teachers were outstanding and some of my happiest of memories are being in the canteen with friends complaining of upcoming assignments. Some of these girls I still remain in contact with today. 

Thank you to all of the staff in DEFI in providing me with the tools to begin my journey and now I can finally say that I am a staff nurse. "

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