Furniture Design Students Begin Their Restoration Projects

Furniture Design Students Begin Their Restoration Projects

Oct 2019

Our Furniture design students have haggled in the charity shops and have rummaged through skips and sheds in their grandparents house. Over the next few months they will restore their chosen piece to its former glory and will add their own "twist" to their piece.

Eva Maden's father used to make jewellery and repair watches. Together he and Eva will work together to restore this lovely mantle piece clock. She also salvaged a chair from her grandmother's house purchased in the 1930s. Already Eva can see the layers of fabric that have been used over the years to reupholster these dining chairs. 

Eoin is considering remodelling this  telepone seat. He took a particular fancy to the  Sheraton legs on this piece. 

David found this armchair in the local charity shop. He is hoping to resell it on after he repairs, restores and upholster it. 

Best of luck to you all. 

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