Science Week At Dfei

Science Week At Dfei

Nov 2017

We had lots of fun with fire last week. Flamable gas was pumped into a beaker with washing up liquid. The bubbles created held the gas so one match set arms and furniture alight.

Spectroscopy in a Suitcase:

It’s diagnosis ‘murder’ at DFEi for College Awareness Week 2017. By Aisling O’Gorman, DFEi Journalism student.

Dun Laoghaire Further Education Institute briefly became a crime scene on Tuesday, when John O'Donoghue, Education Coordinator for the TCD School of Chemistry, demonstrated his forensic sleuthing techniques during a Spectroscopy workshop.

He began by explaining spectroscopy, the equipment used and fundamentals of this science to riveted DFEi Criminology students.  The students were then divided into five groups, with each getting involved in "murder mystery forensics", and trying to investigate a murder using the evidence presented to them.

The students also had to identify what substance was used for the crime and how much of it was in the victim's body (fictional, of course!). John explained that one small error made in one group’s results would affect the end results.

The workshop concluded with John providing the students with resources to help them with their future careers in Crime Scene Investigation.

John explained the benefit of the workshop to the students, saying: "It's putting it into context that it's not just science and arbitrary work in a lab…It actually has real world applications. This is all about putting it into real world context.

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